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Newspaper Extracts of Personal Columns
Many small town newspapers have a column dedicated to the "comings and goings" of the citizens of the town.   In these small towns where "everybody knows everybody", it was a traditional form of communication for many years.'s mission is to collect, transcribe and index as many of these columns as can be found.    This information may help you with your genealogical research.   You are welcome to submit your own transcriptions to us at the contributions forum.   Please include the town, the date, and the newspaper with your submission.
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IN - Anderson - 1960-12-31

IN - Hayden - 1903-01-21

IN - Indianapolis - 1910-06-10

IN - Indianapolis - 1911-08-10

IN - New Driftwood - 1903-01-21

IN - Seymour - 1903-01-21

IN - Seymour - 1938-06-19

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